BikeTrips by Mountainbike across Europe

Trans Spain

TransSpain, crossing Spain by mountainbike from the South to the North.Travesia de España en BTT

Across Spain, from the south (Malaga) to the north (St-Jean de Luz, France). 1750km, 30.000m+ on 14 days. An incredible experience in a constantly changing scenery; forest, deserts, mountains, plains… The ideal way to discover the beauty of a country, totally out of the box!


AlpenCross crossing the Alps by mountainbike from Munchen to Riva del Garda

One of the european MTB-classics; crossing the Alps from Germany (Münich) to the italian Riva del Garda. Starting in the Karweldel over the Dolomites and ending on the Monte Baldo. Although it was the end of June, there was still a lot of snow beginning at 2000 meters above sea level..

Trans Cantabrica

Travesia de Cordillera Cantabrica en BTT.Crossing the Cantabrian mountains by mountainbike

Probably the most extreme I will ever make (and never make again); 10 days of biking in the Cantabrian Mountains around the Picos de Europa. A very heavy track with a lot of non-cyclable paths. But the effort made pays off in the end: unique views and landscapes you find nowhere else.

TransPyrenees 2012

TransPyrenees, Coast to Coast by mountainbike from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic OceanLa Travesia de los Pirineos en BTT

Same objective as in 2011: Coast to Coast over the Pyrenees, but a little higher on the mountains. With the experience from 2011, the trip would be ‘easier’ without hunger and dehydration. 10 days, 1020km and 25500m+!

TransPyrenees 2011

TransPyrenees, Coast to Coast by mountainbike from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic OceanLa Travesia de los Pirineos en BTT

The first large self-supporting bike trip: Coast to Coast from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, over the Spanish Pyrenees. The ‘maiden voyage' was very interesting for gathering experiences about this way of travelling. Still, 1000km during 9 very hot days.

Ventoux 2015

Ascension du Mont-Ventoux en vélo de course

Another long weekend of Mont-Ventoux climbing, with an even bigger bunch of enthusiasts! Multiple times up to the summit, and a more relaxing trip through the Gorges de la Nesque.

Ventoux 2014

Ascension du Mont-Ventoux en vélo de course

Road cycling of one of the most famous Tour de France mountains. A long weekend to climb the Mont Ventoux from different sides, and make a round trip around the "Geant de Provence”

Ch. du Soleil

Chemins du Soleil en VTT

The "Chemins du Soleil” is a famous raid in the French Pre-Alps. Three stages of spectacular trails with some extreme downhills. Camping in tents makes the adventure even more back-to-basics.

MTB Dolomiti

Dolomiti cross by mountainbike

Another organised excursion from a Dutch company in 2010. Stages of 50 to 80km per day in the Italian Dolomites. This part of the Alps is very suitable for mountain biking!